New School Year 2017

Dear Parents:

We are so excited for the first day of fall classes at preschool.  The first day is Tuesday, September 5th, 2017.  The hours for full days are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.  The half-day hours are 7:00 am to 12:30 pm.

We welcome Ms. Mikayla Nielson as the teacher for our PreK-1 class.  She is a graduate of Chico State University and we are thrilled to have her at Sacred Heart.  Ms. Christina will now co-teach our KinderPrep 2 class with Ms. Sarah.  


Here are the teaching teams for this Fall:

KinderPrep 2 - Ms. Sarah, Ms. Christina and Ms. Laura

KinderPrep 1 - Ms. Brandy, Ms. Serena, Ms. Geri and Ms. Emma

PreK-2 class - Ms.  Corinna, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Jaclyn

PreK-1 class - Ms. Mikayla, Ms. Olivia and Ms. Liz

Explorer 2 class - Ms. Samantha, Ms. Adriana and Ms. Yasmine

Explorer 1 class -  Ms. Maritza and Ms. Tatiana


Our wonderful floating teachers are Ms. Barb, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Alex. 


Here are some guidelines for the new school year:

*Children will be back in uniform from September 5th through June 2018.  Polo shirts are red, white or navy blue.  Bottoms (pants, shorts, jumpers, skirts) are navy blue or khaki.  You may purchase uniforms at the store of your choice.  Children should be in close-toed shoes.  Please label all items.  

*Children will need an extra set of clothes to be left at preschool.  Parents of children in diapers/pull-ups will bring them for their child.  Wipes and cream (if desired) will also be replenished by the parents.

*Snacks are provided for the children – one mid-morning and one in the afternoon.  Parents will provide their child with a daily lunch that includes a drink.  We will continue with hot lunches on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We will offer Pasta on Tuesdays and Pizza on Fridays for an additional fee.  Children will also need a labeled daily water bottle.

*Tuition is due each month between the first and fifth of the month.  The new tuition rates were posted in May.  A tuition rate sheet is attached to this letter.  Please make checks out to:  Sacred Heart Academy Preschool.  Many families also choose “Bill Pay” from their bank for monthly tuition.

*Each child has a folder, located across from our office, for important paperwork, newsletters, art projects, etc.  Please check this folder daily.

*Please have your child to preschool by 9:00 am so they may benefit from the curriculum that is planned.  Children that arrive late to preschool can miss important developmental activities.  Children are to be picked up by 6:00 pm, or a late fee will be assessed.

*Drop-offs in the morning are through the side gate, by the outdoor playground.  Per licensing requirements, children must be signed in and out daily by an adult.  Children may not sign or draw on the sign-in sheets.  These are legal documents that we must maintain per Licensing.  Please drop off your child in their designated morning drop-off classroom as this allows the daily student count to be accurate.

*Nap items are to include a crib-size sheet, small blanket, and soft cuddle toy.  Due to storage space limits, pillows or large sleeping items cannot be accommodated.

*Please refrain from sending any toys to preschool as they tend to get lost or broken.  The preschool provides age-appropriate toys for each classroom.

*There are 4 options (separate fee) activities at preschool that take place between 9:30 and 10:30 am.


Amazing Athletes (formal PE class) on Mondays – ages 3 and up

Soccer Shots (Soccer and sports activity) on Tuesdays – ages 3 and up

Kinderdance (ballet, tap, tumbling) on Wednesdays – ages 3 and up

California Music Works class on Thursdays – ages 2 and up


An introduction to Spanish will be incorporated into our weekly curriculum!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year!



Suzie Wydra        Rebecca Godina

Director              Asst. Director